Product Categories

Road milling bits

Our bits could be used in:

--Dirt and gravel road maintenance

--Hard-packed snow and ice removal

--Chip and seal road reclamation

--Tar sand road reclamation

--Spot asphalt milling

--Spreading loose material

--Mixing calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, or other dust suppressants


--Our road bits are the most reliable choice, with more impact resistance, a stronger bond, and greater protection against tip loss!

--Improved tip profile improves rotation for longer tool life—with less chipping in hard cuts!

--Forged body design enhances wear characteristics to extend life and tool rotation!

Our products include the following items:


RP06 RP19 RP20 RP23 RP26 RP10 RP15 RP16 RP17 RP18 RP28 RP30 RP31 RP21 RP22 RZ19 RZ20 RZ24 RZ25 C3KBF RS01 RS04 RS05 RS12 RS16 RS18 SM04 CM41 CM63 CMB6 KPF303 QC110HD QC110H C10AMC C10LG C10AM/LG AR350ST CH31SR C87B KB250 C87E


W4ER W5ER W5HR W6AOC W6R W6R/22 W6HR W6ER W6EHR W6SGR W7HR W7ER W7EHR W8HER W6/22R W1-10 W1-10R W1-13 W1-13R W1-13 22R HT11R HT3R

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