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Foundation drilling tools

We can supply you with products which are ideally tailored to your machine and drilling job - to give high feed rates, long service life and short change-over times together with high daily output. The tools are used for building foundation,bridge erection,road construction and other geological engineering.

Main features

1.High durability due to wear-resistant tempered steel

2.High grade tungsten carbide tip

3.Excellent rotation (and thus uniform wear) and secure seating due to a clamping sleeve

4.High degree of solder quality

5.Extraction groove for easy tooth replacement

Our products include the following items:


B47K17.5-H B47K19-H B47K22-H B43H B40HD K12 B40HDS BKT10 BKT3 DV25 B43/3 B43HDK12 DV9 BFZ100x70 BFZ80 BA50-26.5 BFZ3 BFZ1


CM42 CM61 BR1 BR3 RT1 RT2 DT50 DT87 C21 C21HD SL04 C20 C21FHD C23 C3KBF RL08 RL10 C10HD C20HD SM02 SM06 C87E C31HD U40H C35R C36R C30 C30H/U40H C4 C4-1 C7 DS01 DS02 DS04 DS04 C4/U43H.

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