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Grinder tips

Used in grind construction and demolition materials, green waste, even asphalt shingles and even other extreme applications.


--Extreme wear-and fracture-resistance

--Ultra-durable, high-performance tips for any grinder application

--Lasts up to 10 times longer than competitive tools in asphalt shingle recycling

--Outperforms their carbide overlay tools in C&D and contaminated green waste recycling to dramatically reduce operating costs and increase productivity

Our products include the following items:

Betek & Kingkong:

BFZ195 BFZ212 BFZ223 BFZ262 BFS184 BFS23/1 BFS266 BFS418 BFZ133 KKT KFS460 KFS461 BFS266 KFS418 BFS532 BFS410 BHZ31 KFS411 BFS274 BFS253 BFS456 KHS002 BFS542 KHS001BFS476 BFS18 BFS538 BFS445 BFS232 BFS241 BFS234

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