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Trenching Bit

FLY offers the widest selection of cutting teeth throughout the trenching industry. You could Use them in digging a shallow trech or utilities or Diving deep into rock. Our cutting tools could be used in soft conditions, rocky and abrasive soils, or hard-packed frozen ground.


--More carbide means greater durability and extended life

--Unique macrocrystablline carbide grade provides better performance

--Backed by exceptional technical and customer service to help you get the result you need

Our products include the following items:


TS5 TS7 TS8 TS11 TS30 TS40C C6 C7 T11 T1 T5 T9 T8 C32R C31RHD C31HD C34FSR SM07 SM04 SL07 SL02 C3R RS18 RL07 C21HD CM63 CM65 C87GB C87E C10HD C30H/U40H C31SR C21FHD DT87 RT1 RT2


TR01 BTR09 BC36 BFZ87 BFZ321 B43HDK12 B43K12KS DV8 B3K B1HDK12-K B3 B3KS DV9 DV9S B3/22 B3KS22 DV22 B40K9 BTK10 BKT03 BTK89 BTK81 BTK121 BTK122 BTK62 BHR167 DV25 BKS151 BKS163 BKS162 BKS171 BKF36 BKF38 BHR187 BFZ35M BFZ158 BFZ233

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